A refill means your prescription can be filled again when you have finished the current supply. A renewal is necessary when you have no refills left on a prescription.  

How do I know if I have refills?
Your prescription label will indicate how many refills remain.  Look at the top center of the label.

How do I get a refill? 

  • Call Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy at 848-932-8033.  Give us your name and the prescription number.
  • Stop in at Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy (in Hurtado Health Center) or one of the Telepharmacies at either Busch-Livingston or Willets Health Centers and request your refill. 

How do I renew a prescription?
If there are no refills remaining, the prescription needs to be renewed by one of these two ways:

  • Obtain a new written prescription from your health care provider.
  • Supply Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy with your health care provider’s name, phone number, medication name and prescription number.  Pharmacy staff will contact your health care provider directly for a renewal.