Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy carries a full range of safer sex products at competitive prices to assist students in preventing the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unintentional pregnancy.

  • Condoms – over twenty types and brands of condoms are available including textured, color, sensitive, extra-large and non-latex.  Condoms are sold for $.50 each or $4.50 + tax for a dozen (excluding non-latex types). Brands include Trojan, Lifestyles, and One. 
  • Dental Dams – flavored, latex or non-latex squares for oral/anal and oral/vaginal contact. 
  • Lubricants – lubricants are available in water and silicone based formulas. 
  • Birth Control Pills – Rutgers Pharmacy fills prescriptions for birth control pills.
  • Emergency Contraception – (also known as Plan B or the Morning After Pill)  Students of any age may purchase this product.  It is available over-the-counter at all Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy locations.